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Periodontal Care
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Fight Gum Disease With Periodontal Care

With periodontal care, you can treat gingivitis and gum disease, preserve your smile, and prevent further complications. Contact us to schedule a visit today. We offer:

Customized Periodontal Treatment
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The Benefits of Periodontal Care
in Fox Point

Catch Gum Disease Early

Catching gum disease early is critical for preventing permanent damage to your gums and teeth. In fact, early treatment can completely reverse gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease.

Avoid Tooth Loss

Untreated periodontal disease is the #1 most common cause of preventable tooth loss in American adults. Proper periodontal care will ensure that you preserve your smile.

Save Time & Money

The complications from gum disease can be very costly and require multiple dental visits for treatment. Early intervention is the best way to save time and money.

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Periodontal Care Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gum Disease Preventable?

Yes. Proper oral hygiene is all that’s needed to prevent gum disease. To prevent gum disease, you should brush twice a day and floss once a day. Using an antibacterial mouthwash is also very helpful. Additionally, be sure to see the team at Fox Point Dental Studio for an appointment every six months.

Is Gingivitis the Same as Gum Disease?

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. It’s characterized by gum inflammation but causes no permanent damage to your teeth and gums. It can be reversed completely with proper care.

This is not true of the later stages of gum disease, which will cause permanent and irreversible damage to your teeth and gums. It is not possible to completely eliminate gum disease once it has reached these later stages, but it can be controlled with regular periodontal maintenance to keep your mouth healthy.