How to Handle a Loose Tooth

Adult teeth are supposed to last for the rest of your life, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Even with daily brushing, flossing, and otherwise good dental hygiene, teeth can still become loose.

If you notice any of your teeth are loose, it’s important to take care of this issue as soon as possible to maximize your chances of keeping your smile intact.

Why Do Your Teeth Feel Loose?

Loose teeth can be caused by different things, which can impact the type of treatment you’ll need. A common cause for loose teeth is getting injured, which can cause the tooth to dislodge from the root.

But what if there’s no event to blame for your loose teeth? Loose teeth could also be a sign of gum disease, a type of infection that attacks the gums and can weaken the teeth. No matter the cause, if you notice your teeth are loose, you should follow these steps:

  1. Book a Dentist Appointment

The dentist is the only one who can help you fix a loose tooth. They will inspect your mouth and try to determine the cause of your loose tooth, and recommend a treatment plan. 

You should try to find emergency dental services if you can, and have a dentist inspect your tooth right away. The faster you reach the practice, the more chances you have of saving the tooth and avoiding permanent tooth loss.

  1. Clean the Mouth, But Don’t Brush or Floss

Brushing and flossing can worsen a loose tooth, so it’s best to avoid these routines until you see a dentist. You can gently brush on the other side of the mouth, but try to avoid the area around the loose tooth as best as you can. 

Use saline or gentle mouthwash to cleanse your mouth after you eat instead.

  1. Avoid Hard Foods

Foods that require a lot of chewing aren’t ideal when you have a loose tooth, even if you’re chewing on the other side. The teeth will still come into contact with each other during eating, and this can further dislodge your tooth.

Stick to soft foods or even liquids, at least until the dentist inspects the tooth.

  1. Don’t Touch

After you notice a tooth is loose, try not to touch it with your fingers or even your tongue. Unnecessary movements will only make the tooth loosen even more. Even if you believe the tooth might have to be pulled, never do it yourself, as the dentist might still be able to save it.

Let Us Take Care of Your Smile

Loose teeth are a common type of dental emergency and at Fox Point Dental Studio we treat it as such. We will ensure that you will get the best care and right treatment for your unique case.   

So if you notice one or more teeth are loose, contact Fox Point Dental Studio right away.

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