How Long Does It Take For Gums To Heal After Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best option for permanently replacing your missing teeth in Fox Point. But you may have a few questions about the process. What can you expect if you choose implants from Fox Point Dental Studio? After your appointment with Dr. Zellmer or Dr. Major, how long will it take for your mouth and gums to heal? In this blog, we’ll give you all the answers you need.

Your Gums Will Be Fully Healed Within 2 Weeks After Your Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery at Fox Point Dental Studio is minimally-invasive, and we always do our best to ensure you recover as quickly as possible. But the process still does involve creating an opening in your gums and jaw bone, and your body will need some time to recover from the procedure.

Most patients begin to experience significant improvements in their gums within a week of surgery, and their gums will be completely healed within 2 weeks of their treatment. You’ll usually schedule a follow-up with Dr. Major or Dr. Zellmer within 10-14 days of your surgery so they can ensure that your mouth is healing properly. 

After 2 weeks, your gums may still feel a little bit tender and sore if you put a lot of pressure on them, but they should not feel painful. You also should not experience any other symptoms like bleeding, bruising, swelling, or discoloration. 

Make Sure To Follow Your Recovery Instructions From Dr. Major & Dr. Zellmer

To make sure that your gums heal and recover properly after your surgery, Dr. Major or Dr. Zellmer will provide you with a detailed set of recovery instructions. These instructions will contain information about proper diet, how to clean your implant site, what to avoid in order to speed up the healing process, and much more.

To ensure that your gums heal quickly after your dental implant treatment and to avoid complications like infections, you need to follow these instructions as closely as possible. Doing so will speed up your recovery and eliminate your risk of complications.

Recognizing The Signs Of Peri-Implantitis – Gum Infection After Implant Surgery

If your gums still hurt a lot up to 2 weeks after your implant surgery, it’s possible that the gum tissue around the implant site has become infected. This is called “peri-implantitis.” It’s usually avoidable, but still may occur in some patients.

The most common signs of peri-implantitis include: 

The good news is that peri-implantitis is treatable. In most cases, special treatments and antibiotics can be used to kill bacteria and eliminate the infection, and your implant can be left in place to heal. 

Contact Fox Point Dental Studio For Permanent Tooth Replacement In Fox Point 

Getting treatment from an experienced dentist in Fox Point ensures you can heal quickly after your dental implant surgery and reduce your risk of complications like peri-implantitis. So if you’re interested in replacing your missing teeth with implants, contact Fox Point Dental Studio online or give us a call at 414-236-5885. Dr. Zellmer and Dr. Major are experienced implant dentists, and can help you learn more about permanent tooth replacement with dental implants.

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