Dental Implant Timeline: What To Expect

If you’ve researched dental implants, you might have read about the 6-months healing period that usually comes with it. But overall, how long does it take to go through a dental implant process from start to finish?

Fox Point Dental Studio has created this timeline to help you visualize the dental implant process better.

A Step-by-Step View of Getting a Dental Implant

First, it’s important to note that getting a dental implant is not always such a straightforward procedure. Before being scheduled for surgery, your oral health will be inspected to first determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure, and then address any other dental issues.

Assuming this is not the case, this is a usual way dental implants surgery unfold:

What Can Prolong Your Dental Implant Process?

While this is a standard timeline for dental implant surgeries, in some cases patients might experience a longer treatment period because of certain factors:

At Fox Point Dental Studio, we help our patients have all the information about dental implants to ensure a speedy recovery. If you want to learn whether you’re a good candidate, schedule an appointment with Dr. Major or Dr. Krenzke today!

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