Clearcorrect Vs Invisalign: What’s the Difference?

If you’re looking to straighten your smile and improve your teeth, you probably want to do so without drawing attention. Thanks to innovation in braces technology in recent years, clear aligners have become widely accessible and effective alternatives to metal wire braces.

Clear aligner technology is gentler on your teeth, resulting in less pain and discomfort. They also don’t stand out due to their transparent design and they don’t restrict your ability to eat certain foods or play sports. 

Most importantly, the ability to take out your trays when eating and brushing or flossing your teeth allows you to maintain better oral hygiene compared to braces. At Fox Point Dental Studio, we offer Invisalign technology for a more comfortable, flexible, and invisible alternative to braces. Are you interested to find out how Invisalign compares to ClearCorrect? Read on to find out.


Invisalign is a clear aligner technology that has been on the market longer than ClearCorrect. They must be worn for 22 hours a day to receive the best results and can be removed to eat, drink, and clean your teeth.

You will receive a new set of Invisalign aligners every 1-2 weeks and go for checkups every 6 weeks. Invisalign treatment is estimated to take between 6-12 months to produce effective results.

The big difference between Invisalign and ClearCorrect is the materials. Invisalign no longer uses the same Zendura material as ClearCorrect. Instead, they have developed a patented material called SmartTrack which is thicker and more flexible. Invisalign claims this material makes their aligners more secure and comfortable.


ClearCorrect is very similar to Invisalign but has been on the market for less time. This means that Invisalign has better name recognition as a brand and has spent more years and money on research.

Similar to Invisalign, you are also expected to wear ClearCorrect aligners for 22 hours a day and only remove them to clean your teeth or eat. You will also continually switch out your aligners and go to the dentist for checkups on your progress.

ClearCorrect is made from a plastic material called Zendura and their aligners are cut straight across rather than custom trimmed like Invisalign. However, ClearCorrect states that this design better enables their aligners to shit the teeth with more force and results in less treatment time.

ClearCorrect Vs. Invisalign Comparison

ClearCorrect and Invisalign are similar products that achieve similar results. The true differences are in the details and which product is better for you depends on what is most important to you. Let’s go through the most important factors in deciding between ClearCorrect and Invisalign.

Cost: ClearCorrect, on average, is considerably cheaper than Invisalign. While the ultimate cost will depend on many factors such as how severe your teeth problems are and how many aligners you will need, the price range for Invisalign is $3-8000, and ClearCorrect ranges from $2500-5000.

Comfort: Invisalign’s SmartTrack technology is a thicker material that is also more flexible. ClearCorrect’s aligners are made of a thinner, less flexible material, but this also means that they are less visible in the mouth.

Technology: The 3D scanning technology used by Invisalign is called iTero. They combine this scanner with a software called ClinCheck to track the best tooth movement. ClearCorrect is more versatile in what scans they accept and iTero is one of them. They also use a similar software as Invisalign but offer dentists increased flexibility in available technology.

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Ultimately, Invisalign and ClearCorrect are similar products that achieve similar results. However, Invisalign has a reputation as a leader in the industry. Clear aligner technology has empowered patients to take back control of their smiles without shame, even sparking increased interest in teeth straightening for adults.

If you would like a straighter smile without uncomfortable metal and wires which stand out like a sore thumb, then Invisalign could be the solution for you. Contact us online or call (414) 236-5885 to schedule a consultation with our team.

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